How to Restore the Malaysian and Brazilian Body Wave Curls

The Brazilian and Malaysian Body Wave hair is very sexy and exotic in it's curl pattern. However, once washed, the hair tends to lose the curl pattern altogether and go straight. To restore the curls in your body wave hair, you must first washed the hair to remove any chemical build up from products you might have added. Use either a curling wand or a curling wand in combination with flexi rods to regain the beauty of the original curls. The body wave hair is typically not worn flat, but rather with bouncing curls.
The flexi rods will provide longer lasting curls than the curling wand will, so for lasting curls it's a good idea to place the hair in flexi rods at nights to retain the beauty of the hair. After removing your flexi rods, then simply finger comb and style and you will find that either the Brazilian or Malaysian Body Wave hair is quite an investment once properly cared for.
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